Tasos_Chonias_AtelierTasos Chonias is a painter of Greek origin, born in Athens in 1974.

His career as a painter started at the age of 16, when he was hired to do wall paintings at commercial and non-commercial spaces, while he later turned to scenography, movie-poster design and the conservation of old wall-paintings.

Since 2005, he has been painting using oil on canvas and his artwork today resides in many major private collections, institutions and galleries around the world.

He is mostly known for his collection of Interiors, inspired by the lives of people who lived inside neoclassical buildings , the light traversing the rooms and the functionality of the objects inside them.

He has staged a solo exhibition at Agathi gallery.

In 2011, he was distinguished during a competition organized by London-based Saatchi Gallery where he was chosen among 5,777 contesters to receive the second award.

His most recent paintings themes evolve around cars painted against urban backgrounds.

Chonias Signature Transparent white mini